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Assessing Profitability of Current Accounts and Ensuring the Right Client Mix

The agency business is exciting, challenging and even fun. But it is all too easy to focus solely on account service, the creative product, and meeting payroll… and ignore key business indicators that can influence your financial success.

At Second Wind, we feel it is our role to remind agency principals to keep an eye on the numbers, and inject planning into every aspect of their business. No area of the agency business suffers more neglect of planning oversight than account management.

With that in mind, we offer this PowerPack to guide you toward regular review of your current accounts’ profitability, and careful pursuit of profitable new business. Following are tips and advice for assessing profitability, forecasting billings and tracking account profitability over time. We also suggest building a client mix that offers the best opportunity to increase your agency’s profitability through smart new business criteria and aligning agency values with new business prospects.

Agency profits are not solely calculated in dollars and cents. We believe you’ll find this content practical, inspiring… and, yes, profitable.

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