Ad Spend Reports

Company/Brand Ad Spending

Company/brand ad spending reports provide information on how much money a specific company has spent on tracked advertising during the previous 24 months. Thousands of companies, brands, products and media vehicles are tracked.

How can it help you? This report is great for determining what the competition is spending, helping clients and prospects determine a budget and create detailed media plans.

Report Includes:

  • Total dollars spent on advertising
  • Dollars spent by media type
  • Dollars spent by product/brand
  • Specific media vehicles used

$1,500 for 6 reports
$2,400 for 12 reports

*Prices shown are through a special members' program with Kantar Media. This program is currently available to Second Wind members only.

Al a carte pricing is also available.

Creative Samples

In addition to tracking advertising expenditures, Second Wind can provide creative samples on a competitor-by-competitor basis. Samples are available for national magazine advertising, network TV, spot TV and Internet banner ads.

Contact us for a customized quote.