More and more, we are hearing conversations about the value of brands. In 2010, ISO 10668 was created to provided guidelines to measure the monetary value of brands. But, because of costs, only large, publicly held companies have utilized them. 

Until now. 

Second Wind, in conjunction with long-term colleague, Jim Hughes, of Worth Growing, is offering a simplified, scaled down and much more economical version, for small to mid-sized companies – The Pretium Method. 

The Pretium Method is a unique process of measuring the monetary value of brand-related intangible assets and its construct is derived from ISO 10668. 

Show clients your worth by showing them theirs.

Now, for the first time, agencies can learn to appraise their small to mid-sized client’s businesses’ brand-related intangible assets. And show them additional business value - immediately.

When an agency can help a client discover their long-hidden brand value and offer credible ways to enhance that value, the agency adds billings and the client adds corporate worth – a win-win.

What are these mysterious brand-related intangible assets and what are they worth?


All businesses have a brand.

And each has valuable brand-related intangible assets. A Pretium assessment can add thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of dollars of worth to your client’s business. 

If your client is considering a sale, merger, taking on a partner or needing to raise capital, discovering the true value of the business is critical. 


Contact Jim Hughes if you would like to learn how you can become a Pretium Specialist and help your clients discover the hidden value of their businesses.