Agency Payment Solutions

CSI globalVCard is an easy and highly secure way for agencies to pay suppliers electronically with guaranteed and immediate ROI. With a single file upload, CSI automates all of your payments through a virtual credit card, ACH or check.

Plus, with cash back rewards offsetting our low monthly fee, you’ll make money by using CSI globalVCard.

Reduce Operating Costs

CSI globalVCard has streamlined AP for thousands of customers. You’ll experience near immediate efficiency gains, reduced costs and new revenue with unlimited monthly cash rewards.

Simplify Account Reconciliation

Directly integrated with your existing ERP or accounting software, CSI globalVCard will automate payments and greatly simplify the expense reconciliation process.

Optimize Cash Flow

With globalVCard, you have full control over payments and can choose to pay vendors immediately, or schedule payments for future disbursements.

Customer Spotlight

Martha Greenwell, EVP and CFO of advertising and marketing agency Sheehy, shares how CSI globalVCard has simplified their company's payments and delivered time and cost savings. "The partnership between our two companies has been an asset all the way around."