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Best venues for hospital/healthcare physician recruitment "image" advertising


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One of our clients, a community hospital, is looking to augment its physician recruitment efforts by doing some "image" advertising touting the hospital's location as well as its capabilities.  The idea is to create more awareness of the hospital so that there is better recognition when specific job postings are published (more of them are for primary care physicians, but some health specialties also).  I'm looking for recommendations as to the most effective venues for such advertising -- be they online or offline.  We're open to considering at a mix of media and publishers.  For anyone who has done similar campaigns, which ones are the best-targeted and have the most credibility with physicians?  This will help get us started in our evaluation.  Thank you!

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I agree in full with the effort to favorably image the hospital for recruiting.  I suppose most of the physicians that apply will be from areas outside of where the hospital is located, so some sort of "national" campaign is necessary.  With that in mind, I think you need a strong brand image first and then you need to activate that in places physicians would see and read.  Some of this will be digital banners, some print ads, perhaps something like Sirius radio, a hospital newsletter that can be pushed to physicians who may be looking for a position.  Medical school postings, buying  list of physicians and mailing to them, and even doing a strong "inbound" program and will give you higher organic search listing.

Just some thoughts.

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If you are thinking about a regional campaign, you should consider-

-billboards in high visibility, prestigious locations like major interchanges on interstates, near high traffic, upscale malls, near sports venues or other important locations in your area.

- sponsorship or the arts in your market

-digital/mobile ad network, this will geo target your audience from several approaches like demographically, by what sites they visit and within relevant content. Ad will run on digital and mobile platforms and can be display or video This will be optimized over time and performance will get better and better.

-Local Radio, especially PBS

-NYT.com and WSJ.com should be considered

-Local city magazines

-Sponsor Local Golf  and maybe tennis events

Hope this helps, Please reach out if you have more questions.

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