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Boosting Destination Retail Sales


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One of our destination clients has been hit hard by a recent natural disaster.  Hardest hit were the retailers and restauranteurs.  We're looking for innovative, low-cost ideas to boost business from locals and drive-market visitors during the winter.  Thank you, in advance, for any ideas offered!

Sam Karow
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Gift cards or subscriptions to monthly chef's table events come to mind.  The restaurant can get an influx of cash from patrons who are buying their next few meals or their next 12 at one time at a discount.  It helps on cash flow and builds in loyalty/repeat business.

Businesses could help each other with co-op ads and co-op promotions - show receipt from a featured lunch spot for a discount at the featured dinner spot, etc.

Raffle private chef dinners, private concerts from local musicians, etc to create low cost, 'can't buy' prizes that turn visits to restaurants and retail into events.

Hope this helps!

Member 1398
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How do Chef Table Events work?

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