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Agency Social / Content Marketing Time Allocation


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As small business's without dedicated staff, how much time is allocated to social media efforts each week at your agency? Total? It feels like this can easily be a full time job, but everyone already is producing full-time on client work. And who do you assign to manage the content and updates?

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We have one person acting as the point person for agency social media, though she is not the only person to generate content.

Each week the team emails their social post/ideas to her for the upcoming week and she weeds through and decides what we will talk about and when. We also have two blog posts per month, one is a set topic and she handles making sure it gets written with the writer. The other topic varies based on ideas from the team. Typically, ideas come in and one ends up being a good blog post idea (vs just a social media post) so someone will make sure it gets written so we have it. But, at least having one point person knowing the master schedule ensures we are talking too much or too little in our channels. And, she balances the mix of educational vs. fun content and retweets, etc.

All content is routed through our proofer and another set of eyes, besides the author, before it is scheduled to be posted. Similar in process to how our client work is proofed for quality.

We also have a seperate industry microsite that has it's own blog that is more educational in nature for that specific industry. We have a seperate person who handles the social media and blog posts for that effort. And, a couple of team members who contribute blog articles/topics for that blog. But, just like with the main agency stuff, all content is proofed before it is scheduled to be posted.

It's definitely a balance and is tough without a dedicated person. It looks like, as a team, we spend about 30-50 hours per month on our internal social media and blog content (excluding the industry niche). Ouch. I think we are starting to get a little more effecient, we just started our current process at the first of the year.

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