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Branding as a Service


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Triad Team
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Hi friends,

Wondering what deliverables you all usually consider as the elements of your Branding service and how you charge for them? Do you break it out by each element: research, positioning, logo, style guide, sample creative executions...etc, or do you charge a flat fee for Branding? Also, looking for some success stories to share with my team - has anyone recently added Branding as a core competency, or, begun to market or pitch using the Branding services you already have? Looking to package, price, and pitch ours so that it's a clear, value-added service line, wrapped up with a neat bow. Thanks for any anecdotes you can share.


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Hi Stephanie;

We are a thirty five year old branding firm and everything we do is to build, develop, maintain, extend and protect our client's brand. It is the central core of our DNA and has become an element that sets us apart from the "normal" ad agency. Of course our core competencies also include business consulting, internal and external training as well as social, digital and SEO management. Ultimately, our goal is to be seen as a partner and not a vendor, the primary reason that our very first client is still with us and the average tenure of our clients is over 18 years.

If you have questions just let me know.

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