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Debbie Bates-Schrott
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Wondering if anyone has any current benchmarks for a % of revenue we should be spending on our own marketing. Our agency is in growth mode and rebranding. Thanks for thoughts.

Member 215
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Hi Debbie,

According to our 2018 Annual Survey , SW members spent an average of 0.9% of AGI on self promotion/PR in 2017 compared to 0.7% of AGI in 2016.

I'll see if I can find any other stats for you.

Second Wind Research

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Happy New Year Debbie. You have a two part question. Are you asking what outside costs you expensed in obtaining new business OR how much billable time your agency spent?

Melissa, does SW track that?

The reason why I ask is new business time does not even show up on the agency income statement. I'd love to hear much billable time SW members spend (those that even track that time!) year over year.

In my agency travels over the years, depending on the size of the company, I have seen agencies put six figures and even seven figures of billable time into new business.

I was at a jig conference last year where a new business presenter said that the age of cold calling is dead and that more targeted digital new business efforts was where the best ROI was. Does anyone have some interesting stories?

Best Wishes Debbie!



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