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A prospect has requested a proposal for a Visual Identity Guide as part of a larger project. We actually do these internally as part of a branding effort, however we have never provided the client a hard copy. Can anyone help on how they price this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Shannon:

We've had a variety of printed corporate identity guides come through Second Wind and most aren't very long. For a very large company with many brands, they can get big but most I've seen are 20-25 pages. They are also primarily design based with minimal text except where instructions are needed.

Based on our most recent Production Pricing Survey (http://www.secondwindonline.com/knowledge_display.asp?id=14069) a 10-25 page color catalog with photography averages about $16,000. I think a project like this would be less than that because there's not as much writing or editing involved and there's typically no photography. It's difficult to say what your estimate could be not knowing how in-depth the guide will be but hopefully the survey results give you a place to start.



PS: The catalog is covered under question 14 in the survey.

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