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Employment Branding - Reputation Repair


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I'm in preliminary talks with a prospective client who needs help in their employment advertising and branding. They have a huge problem: On RipoffReport alone, they have 47 separate complaints lodged against them. Needless to say, I am approaching this prospect with caution---but if the vetting process indicates I can trust them (and would actually be proud to represent them), I would be interested in getting advice from anyone who's handled a similar situation.

Who knows? This may evolve from a Friendly Advice response to a Consultancy fee for someone. I'm certainly not opposed to the idea! Thanks in advance to any and all.

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Francis, good for you for your thorough due diligence. Impressive.

Assuming this organization has been wrongly vilified, we may be able to help. We've been doing online and offline reputation management for 17 years and actually have three of our team based in Birmingham. As a start, I'd need to know more, of course. Please call if you'd like to discuss. -- Ron King, Vanguard Communications, Denver

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That is a lot of complaints, in my experience something definitely needs addressing with this company/brand. Either way, sites like Ripoffreport.com are advertising supported sites who live on bad and negative news. Because of their extensive and regularly updated content, they are very visible in the search engines and Google's algorithm loves to rank these sites high. I would recommended you proceed with caution and if you decide to represent them, be prepared for a long battle to get the negative sentiment knocked down in the search engines. The only way you win this battle is by displacing negative and well ranked content with positive well ranked content. I am speaking from experience and from dealing with Google directly on this issue.

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