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Turning files over to clients


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My company been asked to turn the raw files over to our clients quite a bit lately. I wanted to know how other agencies respond to these types of requests. Most of the time we do it but lately we have discussed charging a fee. Any thoughts?

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Hi Marilyn - you may want to look at this past discussion on the topic:


However, we are seeing many agencies simply giving clients files on completion of a project. As stated in the linked Forums replies, your best option is to discuss file transfers and ownership issues at the start of a relationship or project, and make sure you are compensated by including a charge in your estimates. Copyright law does support your right to be paid for release of files created in delivering the 'final product."

Glenn Towle
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We find it does no good to resist, so we anticipate. Our contracts stipulate we'll store client files on their behalf through the duration of our relationship and there will be a nominal cost to provide all files at the conclusion of the relationship - enough to cover a bit of labor and perhaps a hard drive. For the occasional project file transfer request we don't sweat the details. If it's a recurring pattern outside the scope of normal services, we'll talk to the client about being compensated for it. Of course, no files are ever transferred until we've received final payment on the work.

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