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How many pitches a year?


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Is there an average number of pitches that firms are hitting every year? We average 23 which we think is low.

David Richardson
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I think it depends on what you define as a "Pitch".  I've talked with some agencies that do around 10 a year and I've talked to some that do a pitch a week.  A lot of it seems to do with the price or timeline of the engagement.  The bigger the price or longer the timeline for the engagement, then agencies are doing less pitches.

We do about 10 in-person or video conferencing pitches a year where we present the pitch and then do another 15-20 proposals that are submitted.  Hopefully that helps.

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Hi John. We used to track this for our Annual Agency Survey. The most recent data on pitches is from 2016, and you seem pretty much on target for the average: members reported 25 pitches, and about 14 wins from those.

If you're not seeing a good pitch/win ratio, or aren't reaching profitability goals from those pitches, you may need to reassess your prospects list and seek higher-quality prospects that could offer a better return. Alternatively, focus in on a niche/industry to reduce overall pitch costs.

I'm sure Laurie could suggest other ideas re: new business strategies. Remember: it's not how many pitches you make, but how many you win and how profitable those wins are.

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