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SEO Responsibilities


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Michael Bielski
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We are a small creative agency so do not have anyone dedicated to only doing SEO for our clients day in and day out. Who in your agency is responsible for working with clients, doing the keyword research, making recommendations? Is it the account team responsible? And then works with creative as needed to ensure everything is on message - but it's provided to creative/copywriters?

Lisa Kemerer
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Hi Micheal,

We are small as well but have a dedicated analytics person who heads that type exercise. He works with a writer to create the information to upload into a site specific to SEO - the juice. Then he'll monitor and alert the team how we are tracking so we can make any necessary adjustments. I'm sure he'd be happy to connect with you on it. If you're interested send me a message.

Cheers, Lisa

Steve Hammer
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One thing I'd say is that SEO is a lot more than keyword copy, even for small sites.  We've often worked in a white label capacity for agencies to provide SEO expertise but without needing a full time hire.  In that way we've provided technical SEO recommendations as well as content suggestions.

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