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Chad Shebey
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I am interested in finding either a video production agency/team/individuals.

We want to reshoot videos for all of the local branches of a company. It would be a bit overwhelming for all of the videos to be sent/edited by our team, therefore we are looking to partner with video production teams and people around the country to do this. This can be a big video company that has many locations, or even a bunch of smaller video editors that work remotely. We are looking to see what our options are so that we can move forward with a pitch.

Have you worked with anyone that you liked?

Member 215
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Hi Chad,

We have some companies in our Marketplace Directory that might be able to help. https://www.secondwindonline.com/marketplace-directory

Please look under "Video/Radio Production"

Hopefully some members reply with some recommendations from their own experiences.

Second Wind

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We are an agency in Toledo, Ohio, and have an in-house film/video division called Anserina Films. We would be happy to help. Please contact me if we can be of assistance.

Debbie Monagan

Communica, Inc.


John Zwolinski
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Hello - not sure if you 've already found a solution but happy to talk. We've got connections on both coasts and may be able to help. Feel free to email john@betalkable.com

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