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Media Buying Software? BluHorn/Strata/SmartPlus/Tapscan/Advantage??


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Looking for recommendations on media buying software. We currently use Advantage as our agency software. We need to be able to easily report ROI on the buy for clients. We currently do all orders and calculations manually so we also need something to gain efficiency. Main media we buy is TV. Any recommendations on what you like and why would be helpful.

David Allred
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We are 15 years on Advantage and used SmartPlus (integrated with Advantage) up until about one year ago. SmartPlus was recently phased out/no longer supported so we are transitioning to Advantage's built-in solution. You can contact one of our media buyers Roberta or Cristen at 334-244-9933 between 8am - 5pm CST M-F if you want to discuss more specifics.

Jane Fischer
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I am ending my Strata contract this summer and have been diligently searching for an alternative.  I place a lot of media and need something that is intuitive.  I have looked at BluHorn, Advantage Bionic (more of a planning tool), Media Links Software, and even Galeforce Media (still in beta testing).  I'm leaning toward BluHorn and will do their two week trial.  I am hoping to find an agency that is using BluHorn for feedback.



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