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How To Scale Down Video Production


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Alex Dixon
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I work at an ad agency that is based in a larger video production company.  The video production company has been around 30+ years and has a great way of producing high quality videos.  However, we are finding it difficult to scale projects down to make more simpler videos for social media purposes  (which is where so much content comes from nowadays) for a much cheaper price. We find we are too expensive for certain client asks that are for merely a simple :30s video.

Does anyone have a process in place that allows for you to make videos in a competitive price point?  (E.g. buying a camera and some lights and just having 1 person do it all, discounted rates, etc.)

Member 4336
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By working with a smaller video production company.

I'm not being flip here. The problem you face is one of overhead. You have to work on a certain size production to pay for your employees, your studio and your equipment. As you know, a small job has some of the same basic costs as a big job. And, no matter the size of the job, the video editor still has to load everything into system and edit the thing.

That's why, from an agency perspective, I go to a big production company for a big shoot, and the nice reliable guy down the street when it comes to the kind of production you mention.

So if you're really trying to serve the needs of social media, I would suggest perhaps developing a roster of subcontractors that you really trust. White label them with your business cards and send an agency person to head up the shoot. That way, you are serving your client while delivering a more cost-effective product for your needs.

Of course, this means losing a bit of control. But if you choose the right partners, cover them up with non-circumvention agreements, etc., then they'll be good partners with you over the long haul.

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