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Client 1-1 Interviews


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Michael Bielski
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I think we may have problems at a high-level at a few of our clients - at least my gut instinct right now. And I think my people might be part of the problem on some things that are happening – even though it's being presented differently internally here.

I am afraid that in a group setting, like an agency review with the account and management team as part of a review, clients will not be fully open about issues, especially about the relationships with the contacts here.

Has anyone performed interviews with your client contacts (1-1) to dig deep and really understand how we are doing as an agency? Do you have anything to share (what you have done, right questions to ask, etc)?

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My firm has done this and found it valuable. The clients appreciated it too. We employed a third party interviewer who reinforced that the responses were confidential. Clients opened up. I highly recommend the interviews be conducted by someone the client does not have a history with. You send an email letting them know what you are doing and providing a heads up that the interviewer will be reaching out to arrange a time for a 30 minute telephone interview.

Kevin Smith, Riggs Partners

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In addition to 1-1 interviews you could implement an annual agency performance review. We have a few samples of questions you can use in the Forms Library under Agency Report Cards.


I think a regular process can help to keep some issues at bay or at least bring them into the open earlier.


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I agree with Kevin. Have a 3rd-party conduct the interviews for you.

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