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Goals for Account Service Team


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Hi There,

We are a full service agency of about 35 employees, 6 on the Account Service team. Wondering what types of performance goals you all have for your account service team and individuals? Would love to hear what you all do and see how that may help us improve on our side ... thank you!

Dave Conlan

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We have 2 account service teams with an AE and Account Manager making up a team. We ask each team to be responsible for managing $55k - $70k Gross Profit (AGI) a month, and there is a little bonus incentive if they hit the numbers consistently. It ties in directly with Gross Profit sharing at YE.

We also have weekly “idea lab” meetings where the team brings up a client of theirs to discuss with the entire agency (including designers and principles) and we brainstorm on an idea we are NOT CURRENTLY engaged in with that particular client. In this way, we can present an idea to the client, hopefully to generate more revenue in the future, and let them know we are thinking about them.

Finally, we have monthly “Just a Thought” meetings where all AEs get together and share 1-3 things they read about, or that they saw in their clients' industries that we could leverage for other clients. It keeps us thinking strategically.

Happy to discuss further on a call if you like!


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Hi Sandra:

One of the most common incentive techniques is to offer a bonus based on the growth of the book of business. For example, if an AE currently handles 100,000 in AGI and they grow that business to 125,000 in AGI from one year to the next, you could pay a small bonus on the growth. Most AEs earn the majority of their compensation from salary but a bonus program will keep them interested in growing their accounts versus simply servicing them.


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