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Our agency uses a process for proofreading where a hard copy of the creative goes to three account staff and they have to sign and date to indicate they made corrections and are responsible for those corrections. For the most part, our proofing process works great, but there are some staff members who are better at proofing than others. The better proofers typically receive the majority of the proofreading to do. When they're out of the office or unavailable, little mistakes slip through the cracks and sometimes get to clients.

We're really interested in helping our whole account staff become better proofers. Do you have any resources/lunch and learns/tutorials that would help us raise the competence level of our proofing team?

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I've seen several courses over the years but several people have mentioned Skillpath's grammar and proofreading course. I believe they have live sessions and webinars to choose from. Here's a link to the live session overview,



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We use a proofreading service: BulletproofOnline.com They make us look good, and they're reasonably priced. We explain to clients that the final version will be blessed by our proofreader, for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure, before publication. This way, they can focus on the gist of what we're trying to say without worrying about typos. This may not work for every job, but it's a good solution for big jobs.

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