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Billing for reports and analytics


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Zack Pawlosky
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Hi all-

Do you bill for reporting and analytics for your marketing activities (google analytics, social media, production reports)?

I'm consider developing a two tiered reporting and analytics structure:

-Tier 1: client gets basic access to analytics and can ask questions to us, if they wish. No charge for this.

-Tier 2: advanced reporting, analytics and data analysis. Billed by the hour.

How do you handle this now? Are your clients asking for more data?

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Absolutely bill for staff time required. We give all of our clients access to analytics, but setting analytics up as part of the site build process is billed in with that. I'm also a big fan of figuring out the value of these services for clients and billing at that rate (not hourly rates). There is a lot of value in proper analytic data and, even if you use a software to make it more efficient for you to deliver these reports, the value is still there and the client should pay for the value of what you're providing.

Our clients don't ask for a lot of data, but they appreciate it when we send it. Since many clients don't have a ton of monthly needs regarding their site, it's nice for them to get something showing that we're doing something during the month besides an invoice.

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Ditto to Chris' comment.

We bill on a monthly recurring model with a report delivered highlighting the client's KPIs and any additional trends/comments of value.

Then, we meet once quarterly to discuss in more detail, make adjustments in tracking, tactics, etc. This is either face-to-face or concall and is a great opportunity to demonstrate value and uncover additional opportunities.

We do not overload them. We keep them focus on what has been identified as important during the initial steps, but we do make adjustments as we go. In some cases we create web-based dashboards that allow clients to review analytics in near-real time across all or most marketing channels.

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This is an excellent question and idea Zack. What would be the fee that you would charge for Tier 2? Would it be your standard hourly rate with a specific minimum or some other billing.

I ask because we recently had a client who ... even though we didn't program their website ... wanted us to analyze their traffic via Google Analytics. This was definitely outside the scope of the contract and the services being supplied. It was also time consuming.

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