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Business Credit Card (VS/MC) Recommendation


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Hello All,

I am seeking a recommendation for a Business Visa or Mastercard. We currently have a Business AMEX that we use religiously for as much as we can because AMEX has the BEST rewards program.  That said, not everyone accepts AMEX so our Executive, account staff and producers carry a business Visa card to travel with. I am not satisfied with our current vendor.  I'm looking for one that has an API to import daily transaction into Workamajig and consolidated billing for all the employee cards.  I'm also looking for one with rewards - preferably cash back.  Points are okay too as long as they can be used across multiple vendors or redeemable for gift cards and such.  I'd also like quality, English-speaking, customer service when it's needed and the ability to easily maintain employee cards.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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Hello Sandra.


Global V Card has all of that PLUS their service is amazing!!!!!

I can personally vouch for Global V Card in Bonita Beach, FLA. Best to call Liane Sanson at 1 -239 248 0769. Please tell her I sent you. They do have a special arrangement in place for SW members.


Vince Dong

Xana Winans
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Our secondary card (after Amex of course) is an Amazon visa. Fantastic points that you can use to offset the cost of anything you purchase on Amazon, which is essentially anything. Amex points are now usable on Amazon too so that simplifies things.

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