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Looking for freelance photographer for one day shoot in Lehigh Valley and York, PA


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We are looking for a freelance photographer for a one day shoot in Lehigh Valley and York, PA.  The shoot will consist of relaxed, warm headshots of three people (total), in addition to some action shots of physicians interacting with patients.  Each location will be no longer than 60-90 minute shoot (2-3 hour total shooting time, plus travel).  Lighting and backdrop will be needed.  Please email aradder@elisco.com for more information.  Thank you!

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Hi john1901 - I am checking with some contacts to see if I can share a few recommendations. Let me know if you still need them.

Just something to consider - Second Wind is in Reading, PA, halfway between York and the Lehigh Valley, so believe me when I say a one-day shoot may be somewhat ambitious. Travel between York and the Lehigh Valley is tedious on a good day (just getting from Lancaster to York is a headache). There are multiple construction projects between locations -- figure 3-hours-plus drive time, best case, Lehigh to York. Add set-up time for lighting, etc., break-down time after the shoot, and it's iffy to professionally complete two location shoots on the same day. Maybe if you schedule one very early in the a.m., and the other at the end of the day. Hope that is helpful.

I'll send contact info as soon as I get it.

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