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We have a wonderful translation vendor for smaller documents, ads and brochures, but need a service well versed in translating a 180+-page  website - in the oil and gas sector - from English to Spanish.  Need one versatile to either use an available entry into a dummy site to lay the translation in and maintain updates, or pull the English from the site, translate and provide back word docs to lay in. Will be quite technical.  Any great recommendations?

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Hi Vicki,

We have several translation companies listed under our Marketplace Directory. Below are their names and websites. I know Transperfect is highly recommended and I'm sure they do a lot of larger, more technical projects.

1. Transperfect, www.transperfect.com

2. Ad-Astra, http://ad-astrainc.com/services/translation/

3. Linguistic Solutions, http://www.linguisticsolutions.com/

4. JLS Language Corporation, http://jls.com/

5. Linguistic Systems Inc, http://www.linguist.com/


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I'm curious what other members' views are on website translation. We have translated websites using scripts from Google, Bing, etc. and we have hired translation services to have the sites translated by humans. Obviously the circumstances and objectives of each project will dictate the option you choose. But, overall what is your preferred method?

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