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Kelly Delaney
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We are looking for some referrals for an SEO consultant that can work in tandem with our agency. We currently have one SEO consultant on retainer that handles the majority of our client accounts. As we continue to add new clients and SEO becomes a bigger push across the board for our existing roster of clients, our current consultant is too bogged down with the work we farm out to her due to other client relationships she maintains and cannot take on any additional work.

We are looking to pair up with another one-person/small shop certified SEO consultant(s), with agency-friendly pricing that would allow for mark up. Google AdWord certified is a must, as is familiarity with GWT, Yoast, and WordPress.

Responsibilities would include monthly monitoring and maintenance of SEO/SEM initiatives, AdWord campaign execution and management, providing recommendations for SEO website updates that our agency would execute in-house, and monthly reporting.

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Nordeen
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Hi Kelly,

Our firm specializes in Search and we have a whole team that has expertise across technical/on page/off page SEO as well as PPC expertise across Google, Bing as well as partner agencies to assist with Yandex, Baidu, Naveer and YahooJP.  We have multiple certifications in Google and Bing and of course know Google Webmaster Tools.

I'd be happy to discuss what your client needs are and determine if we are a good fit.  If not, we can probably recommend someone in your area.

Jeff Nordeen


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