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Freelance Copywriters for Digital Work


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Katie Baxter
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We're looking to build our network of freelance copywriters in anticipation of increased digital work coming very soon (that's a good problem to have, right!?!). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Ideal candidates are digital savvy, because most of  the work involves content marketing for B2C clients. Legal industry background a plus.

In addition, in past we negotiated hourly rates with freelancers but wondering if people have used a project fee for the more recurring work, such as blog posts, etc. Any advice or shared knowledge in this regard would be much appreciated.

Angela Harless
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We have a freelance writer we use quite a bit for a variety of content types, including blogs/content. He's been great to work with. He has priced things hourly for us as well as flat fee based on scope. i.e. 3x blog posts per month = $X.

Hunter Cates, Principal/Writer


Cates Creates, LLC.


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