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Naming Company Recomendations


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David Richardson
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Our new software client is considering a company name change that ties in the parent company name.  The naming partner that we normally use is too expensive for this client.  It would be a name that would need to pass U.S. trademark screening.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a Naming agency that we could reach out to?


Member 215
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Hi David,

Here is a link to a past forum discussion on this topic. https://www.secondwindonline.com/forums/4/12367

I head up research here at Second Wind and we do federal and sate trademark searches. Once you have a name figured out let me know and I can fill you in on the trademark search process.


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Hi David:

There's also a fellow member called NameStormers that specializes in brand/product naming. Take a look at their site and if you reach out let them know you are a fellow Second Wind member. You can ask for Mike Carr, he is one of the principals.



Sharon Hayes
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Hi David, One of my agency divisions is http://brandednames.com. We have a team of dedicated experts on naming and have a very streamlined process that is flat-fee. We have businesses ranging from Fortune 100 companies to mom&pop that use this service. Plus a lot of consultants/agency owners too. Our focus is on names where the .com can be acquired within whatever the client's budget is.

To be clear: we don't do the in-depth level of research that many naming agencies do because that's not our market. But it may be a good fit for this client.

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