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Looking for a freelance graphic designer


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Juli Barcelona
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I am looking for some recommendations for a freelance graphic designer to use from time to time. We have one graphic artist on staff and have come to the point where we need to have a backup plan in case we have some extra work to send a freelancers way or find ourselves without our artist for a period of time that just doesn't work and we need to be able to keep work going.

It's been a while since we've had to use freelance graphic design help and since we are located in the Chicago suburban area, I was just wondering if you use any freelance resources or have any recommendations for any graphic design freelancers that might be located near our area or that you just think are worth recommending.

Thank you!
Juli Barcelona
Barcelona Creative Group

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If you are on LinkedIn, you might try getting recommendations through this group:


Sue Grabowski
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We use several freelance artists and while they are near us in Ohio, we rarely see them. We work remotely with them and have had no issues:

Here are a few I trust, and all have 10+ years of experience:

Molly Hartong - mhartong@neo.rr.com

Jen Barnby - jen@redneddesign.com

Brian Brinkman - brianb@onthebrinkcreative.com

Sarah Sawaya - sassrr2004@neo.rr.com

Plus, since they are not from a metro area, you'll find their rates very reasonable. Hope this helps!

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