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NY videographer needed


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We are working with a client in New Jersey that wants to do a video interview at Columbia University in the "very" near future.

It is assumed to be a couple of hour shoot that will be edited to a ~15 minute segment. Client's rep will conduct the interview, ask the questions in a physicians office. Need videographer, lighting/sound.

Prefer HDV(typically from a decent HDV or DVCProHD camera), or a typical preset hi-def format such as 1080i or P, shot at 24FPS on a data DVD disk as a standard HDV/HD AVI format that's usable in a NLE or Quicktime [30MBPS or higher H264]

Final use is at a national sales show. We intend to do the edits/post-production work.

Any referrals will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Miles,

I have a great contact I use here in NYC. He is very reasonable and very good. Email me if you still need a resource for this project. tom@lumecreative.com



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Contact Ellen Friedland at Voices and Visions.They are in Montclair, NJ, which is 12 miles outside of Manhattan. Her info is ellen@voicesandvision.com and (973) 746-3050.

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Mike - I'm only reviewing the forums as the past several weeks have been crazy. We are located in Mountainside, NJ approx. 30 minutes outside New York. We have video capabilities on staff and do HD quality work. Our rates are very reasonable and we can provide the entire on location services needed and turn the footage over to you for editing or assist with that as well. If you still are searching, feel free to give me a call or email. Ann Shallcross - anns@forrestandblake.com
908-789-6800, Ext. 204.

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