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Training as Incentive


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Hi guys,

I have a particularly talented young employee (2 years out of school - multifaceted team player) that I'd like to proactively invest in. I'm looking for something that will add tangible benefit to the company, sure, but I really want the investment to feel meaningful, and actually be directly valuable to the employee. I've been weighing paying for a PMP certification course/exam and/or a trip to a big national convention somewhere fun but am open to suggestions and entirely new ideas as well.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

~ Jenn

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Hi JED - we work a training/development figure into our annual budget, and let the individual employee research opportunities and bring it to their supervisor for review. Many of these have been out of town conferences, which the team likes of course. Sometimes they try to make a bleisure trip out of it so be ready for that. And, when they return, we like to have them present what they've learned to the full agency in a lunch and learn session. I also think it's important to build a continuous training/development program internally, so everybody grows. Hard to pull off when you're busy but important. I think both of your ideas are solid.

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