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GDPR Marketing Implications/Verbiage


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Heidi Aulakh
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Starting on May 25, if you market to individuals and companies that reside within the EU, you are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - https://www.eugdpr.org/).

Essentially, it’s a set of consumer protection regulations set forth by the EU that requires marketers to gain explicit opt-in from all customers and prospects, securely manage data of customers and prospects, and to provide fail-safe opt-out.

We are looking for verbiage to add to our client websites to address this new regulation, especially when it comes to the use of cookies, tracking, analytics, etc.

Has anyone worked with a firm on this or have guidance for where to start?

If you haven't heard of GDPR and do market to the EU, I encourage you to start looking in to this now, because May 25 is not very far away!

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Hi Heidi:

Here's a link to an interesting guide on the subject. It was published by a resource I use for information on digital advertising platforms, etc. They are also a consultancy.


Hope this helps to provide insight on the regulation and how to comply.


Heidi Aulakh
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This is a great article, thank you! I am attending a webinar this week as well - this is a huge issue for our agency/clients.

- Heidi

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