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Reach/frequency software


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What reach/frequency software do you recommend?

Sam Karow
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There is something in Simmons, but it is just for magazine.  MarketMate used to be another tool, way back when.

I get RxF from individual media programs (or estimate it) and then use this formula for calculating multi-media RxF:

Calculating combined reach of two media is (a+b)-(axb)

So if TV gave you 65% Reach and Print gave you 50% Reach: (.65+.50)-(.65X.50)    = .85, or 85% reach

Calc 3+ media:  Each medium is added to the combination in the same way. In other words, the first combination becomes your new “a” and the new medium is a new “b.”

Works as well as any of the 40 year old reach curves you will find in any of the other software options.  Hope this helps!

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Nice formula Sam!

Shelley--I'd also be leery of calculating anything much higher than a 90-95% reach.  While possible in media R + F math models, it feels implausible that a campaign could reach 99 -100% of the target in this fragmented media world. Also sets you up for unrealistic client expectations.

If you're doing primarily broadcast, software such as Strata or SmartPlus would work. However, nobody has built the perfect mousetrap for multi-platform. Us buyers want rating points that transfer across mediums. While work is underway, we're not quite there yet.

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