Getting the New Business Developer Out of the Picture

As you build a relationship with a new client, there comes a time when you should “detach” your new business developer and assign a regular service team.

After all, new business developers are charged with bringing in new business. How can developers accomplish that if they are servicing clients?

This transition from developer to account service team is a very delicate matter. The prospect has probably been talking to your new business developer over a period of time.  Bringing someone new into the relationship too quickly may cause the chemistry to change, and you may lose your momentum by too quickly severing that connection.

The agency principal is vital in this transition.

If the principal is involved early in the relationship, the principal can establish an interim relationship with the prospect based on the principal’s stature in the agency. If the principal stays involved in the account during the presentation and through the gradual introduction of the daily service team, connection problems can be avoided.

The agency tour is an ideal place for the prospect to meet the service team. The prospect gets to see everyone who will work on the account in their working environments. It will not look unusual for the assigned account executive to show up at the next meeting… or the creative director, or the account planner. Don’t overwhelm the new client by bringing hordes of agency people to meetings, but strategically build the service team in the mind of the client.

The new business developer should stay somewhat involved in the situation at least through the presentation. Finally, the new business developer should continue occasional contact with the client until the client is oriented and the service team is in place. 

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