gender marketing

Faux Feminism

Faux Feminism Site Challenges Brands to Test Their Cause Commitment

Deborah Budd

In the U.S., Women’s History month (March) coincides with International Women’s Day (March 8)… and usually includes a host of brand-led marketing ...

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CVS Marches

CVS Marches onto the Body-Image Battlefield

Deborah Budd

A new brand has stepped onto the body-image battlefield—and it isn’t a beauty brand, but one that could shake up practices in that ...

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Advertsing Under-Represents Women

Advertising Under-represents Women, Internally and in Messaging

Deborah Budd

While the initial media coverage of the #MeToo movement has died down a bit since the end of 2017, it has revived discussions around a ...

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Jane Walker, Gender Marketing

Jane Walker, Gender Marketing and What Women Really Want

Deborah Budd

In advertising, don't talk down to the consumer. She may be your wife.
David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy was a wise man, but even he ...

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