social media marketing

Social Media to Be Perfect

Users – And Advertisers – Want Social Media to Be Perfect

Deborah Budd

Social media has been a difficult environment for marketers since the first ad was served there. But as more and more people and marketers use ...

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Gillette Marketing Gets Woke

Gillette Marketing Gets Woke, But Who Believes It?

Deborah Budd

A shift in marketing strategy in the wake of the #MeToo era may have seemed like a good move for Gillette, a long-time market leader ...

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Data Privacy Facebook

Data Privacy and Facebook: Using Duct Tape to Fix Broken Trust

Deborah Budd

Social media is still a young medium; much of what social platform design teams have learned about unintended design outcomes, they learned through actual user ...

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Tide Pods

Tide Pods: Brands’ Response to Product Misuse

Deborah Budd

It is the goal of many top brands to innovate in ways that re-engage existing customers and create new loyalists. Procter & Gamble’s Tide pods ...

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