The time has come for you to take the agency's reins...but are you really ready? PIER Successor can help you find out!

PIER Successor is specifically designed to help the agency’s current or future successors understand what it takes to run and grow an agency. As part of PIER, a group of 10 agency successors will tackle topics including agency financial management, what it means to be an owner, how to be an effective manager, and much more.

PIER Successor is a six-month engagement that offers collaboration, accountability, and knowledge sharing among agency principals.

Virtual meetings are held each month with a group of 10 peers from non-competing agencies.


Meetings will be topically driven and highly interactive with discussion, polling, whiteboarding and more.


Independent projects will be assigned to share and develop with the group.

Participants will be expected to attend 5 out of the 6 meetings.

"PIER has helped me achieve my most challenging goals,
in less time."


"PIER uniquely positioned me to lead my agency... worth the investment."


"It's like having my own personal board of directors of people
who get it."


PIER Facilitators

Laurie Mikes


Laurie's Bio

Zack Pawlosky

CEO, Pawlosky Ventures

Zack's Bio