Hold on tight and prepare to soar…

Second Wind is once again looking forward to hosting the Small Agency Idea Lab (SAIL) for smaller ad agency principals and key managers. Last year’s meeting was enlightening, educational and filled with valuable lessons and ideas.

Our 2017 agenda is designed to get participants to think about issues they face today, and explore exciting developments for the future. We’ll learn about new technologies in ad testing; uncover the benefits of merging offline and online data; discover how to embrace process to move at the speed of today’s business; explore the benefits of incenting our team members; and discuss how to monetize our creative assets. We’ll also hear an encouraging agency survival story, and spend some time looking inward by performing a self-evaluation. SAIL will take you higher than ever before.


Workshop begins at 8:00 am and adjourns at 4:30 on the first day and 3:00 on the second day. Breakfast and lunch will be served both days.

Your Hidden Assets –Turning Agency IP into Cash

Sharon Toerek • Toerek Law

Intellectual property is currency for marketing and creative agencies. Most agencies are sitting on large inventories of IP assets, some of which could be leveraged for additional revenue streams. Discover how to assess the agency’s inventory of IP assets, prioritize which assets to protect, then how to leverage them for additional profit. The session includes real-world examples of agencies that have turned their assets into cash, and how they did it.

Approaching Warp Speed

Brian Olson • InQuest Marketing

To keep up with today’s fast-paced market, agencies need to evaluate capabilities and fine tune their operations for maximum performance. Meaningful changes like evolving workflow, adding core competencies or simply empowering employees can enable a powerful transition for agencies—and create longevity with clients. Brian Olson of InQuest Marketing will give us an inside look at the changes and improvements that have positioned their agency for continued growth and profitability.

When Two Worlds Collide

John Wulfert • Motiv8

What happens when you merge the worlds of online and offline data? You get an unparalleled view of a brand’s customers. By tapping into online behavioral/demographic data and cross-referencing it with offline transactional information and data points, brands can now deliver ads and marketing messages that are more targeted and relevant than ever before. John Wulfert of Motiv8 will discuss the science behind this progressive method of data analysis, and show us how to use it to deliver more personalized marketing campaigns and maximize ROI.

Go, Team. Go!

Ross Toohey • 2e Creative

To build a sustainable and successful business, agency owners need to do more than just close sales. They need to grow and nurture a dedicated enthusiastic team. Ross Toohey will share the details of Teamshares, his innovative plan for incentivizing the 2e team, and tell us how well it’s been working. Following his presentation, Ross will tap into the audience to learn other unique ways agency owners are motivating team members to give their all.

Keep Calm and Assess Yourself

Vince Dong • Ad•vice

Vince Dong of Advice will lead the group through an interactive exercise allowing attendees to grade their performance as an owners/principals in 20 key areas. This exercise gives agency principals the opportunity to objectively assess their strengths and weaknesses outside of their agency environments. Once the rating is complete, the group will discuss the results and pinpoint tactics for improving performance or delegating responsibilities where necessary.

What’s in a Face?

Travis Bort • ABC Creative Group

ABC Creative Group of Syracuse is not afraid to get in your face. In fact, the agency will be one of the first firms in the northeast to integrate facial recognition technology into their ad development and testing process. The agency is partnering with Dumbstruck, whose cutting-edge measurement tool can track joy, surprise, anger, fear, sadness and disgust. It can even determine how music affects engagement. We’ll hear from Travis about his plans to use this technology as part of their creative process and see a demonstration of Dumbstruck.

SAIL Tale: The Girl and the Gorilla

Dana Pulis • Kinetic Agency

A few years ago, if you asked Dana Pulis whether her agency would be thriving today, she may not have answered with a resounding “yes!” After losing her largest client in 2014, Dana’s agency faced an uncertain future. Instead of accepting defeat, Dana made the decision to move ahead full-steam and rebuild the agency one client at a time. During this SAIL Tale, Dana will spend some time chatting with Laurie Mikes of Second Wind, sharing how she saved her agency from the abyss and charted a new course for success.

Hyper-Personalized Conversations:
The Key to a Wider Marketing Funnel

Rick Carlson • SharpSpring

Today’s marketers need to create two-way, hyper-personalized interactions to be successful. This presentation will challenge you to think about how the buyer’s journey has changed and how marketers need to adapt. Learn what you need to do to widen your funnel and move prospects through it with personalized communications.

Graffiti Board

Attendees will have the opportunity to pin questions or problems to the graffiti board and throughout the two-day seminar we’ll select issues to tackle and discuss as a group.

A big thank you to
CSI Enterprises for
sponsoring lunch on Thursday, March 2nd.