SAIL 2018

That's a wrap…

And just like that another Small Agency Idea Lab is in the books. We'd like to thank all of our presenters and attendees for making SAIL 2018 a success. Keep an eye on this space for updates as we begin to plan future Second Wind premiere events.

Past Agenda

Six Questions Away From a Stronger, Safer Agency

Sharon Toerek • Toerek Law

Many agency leaders find it overwhelming to deal with legal issues without a system of best practices to measure against. They’re also unsure about where best to invest their time and money on legal processes and prevention to maximize their resources. This presentation provides a roadmap to conduct an internal legal review/assessment in areas of the business particular to agencies. Agency leaders will learn where to look, and what they need to address shortfalls in their agency legal process.

Alexa... What is the Future of Advertising?

Wágner dos Santos • WAGNER

As the marketing landscape evolves to satisfy consumers’ individual needs, technology is increasingly instrumental in bridging the gap between brands and audiences. In this presentation, we’ll examine how agencies and advertisers can use artificial intel­ligence to establish consumer messaging that is hyper-relevant and dynamic.

Through the Looking Glass

David Allred • STAMP

Ever wonder what you’d learn if you looked closely at your agency’s data? The insights might surprise you. In this presentation, we will hear about one agency owner’s two-year journey to better understand employee utilization and efficiency metrics. He will discuss what prompted his agency to start the study, how they did it, the metrics they analyzed, what they discovered and how they used the insights to plan and re-shape the agency for future growth. This is a wonderful opportunity to understand why agency metrics are vital to success.

Online Reputation Management

Ginger Reichl • Pinstripe Marketing

Admit it. You’ve Googled yourself. Did you like what you found? Online reputation management focuses on how you can influence the information people can find about you and your agency on the web.  This presentation provides a review of reputation management, tools to monitor your agency’s online persona, and practical tips for creating and managing your social media profiles.

The Greatest Wealth is Organizational Health

Chris Ihrig • Fired-Up! Culture

Thriving agencies benefit from a conscious focus on organizational health. During this interactive session, we’ll explore the philosophies, practices and tools embraced by leaders of vibrant, creative businesses. These best practices include: a focus on innovation and digital transformation; valuing and supporting high performance; using mindfulness and compassion to create healthy, productive workplaces; and transparent, authentic leadership, allowing your organization to masterfully work through big transitions like succession or market shifts.

Strategy: The Cornerstone of Creativity & Innovation... and Every Agency's Competitive Edge

Jeff Antkowiak • ADG Creative

Most agency people know that strategy is the foundation of effective client marketing and advertising programs. Yet, far too many of us are relegated to implementing tactics at the client’s direction. To function as effective marketing partners, agency people need to stand their ground and put strategy at the forefront of every client conversation.  We’ll hear from an agency that makes strategy the cornerstone of all client relationships, and learn how this facilitates agency growth, deeper relationships with clients and a culture of “thinking, then doing.” Plus, we’ll learn how strategy positions them to compete with much larger agencies and, in some cases, gain invitations to work with them as a strategic partner.


Both days will include topically-driven roundtable sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to spend time at each table and participate in dynamic discussions with others. Table topics will be announced ahead of the meeting to ensure attendees have time to prepare questions and advice to share with others.