It’s hard to believe we’re already in the second quarter of a busy year. This perpetual motion industry can make your head spin! So take a little time to slow down and read this month’s issue of Second Wind Magazine.

This month we look at a different kind of spin—the revolving door through which employees come and go. Employee retention is important as the job market improves and people decide whether they might find better or more exciting opportunities elsewhere. Read on to learn some smart retention strategies.

We also share thoughts on targeted, location-based mobile marketing, or geo-fencing, including some challenges marketers must overcome or at least understand. We all know there are no guarantees in modern marketing—but there are guarantees and warranties on products and services. We cover the nitty gritties in our refresher course on using warranties and guarantees.

Our social marketing expert, Jenny Mikes, shares a story with an insight into new business presentations; and we dig into our most recent Annual Agency Survey Report to share some small agency trends.

Finally, we offer a new feature, “A Day in the Life,” as Second Wind member Don Becker of DBA Marketing Communications, Delafield, WI, takes us through a typical day at his agency. We’ll be sharing more stories from members in future issues.

We hope this month’s topics set your mind spinning in new directions. Enjoy!