Spring is a time of renewal, which may account in part for why we feel more light-hearted and energetic. That extra spring can boost our efforts for tackling internal processes, pushing harder on new business, and developing new services that deepen client relationships.

In this issue, we delve into how to cope with uncontrolled growth in your agency, including the purpose of an agency business plan, and the leader’s role in managing growth. We review the proofreading process—why a formal proofreading process is essential, setting up your process, and how embedding that process in the agency’s daily workflow affects culture and mindset.

Our fancies lightly turn to thoughts on new business, specifically how prospecting is like pitching to a cat, and why finding the right catnip can intrigue prospects into taking your call. We examine why employees may not fully adopt agency management or workflow systems… and why being fluid and flexible about system compliance is perfectly OK.

We offer thoughts on why agency principals should be their firms’ big-picture thinkers, and how helping your clients strengthen their customer retention programs can bond clients to your ad agency.

Finally, we share highlights from our recent SAIL 2017 owners/managers conference held at the Walt Disney World Resort® in Florida.

We hope this thinking puts some extra Spring in your agency’s step.