Squawqr Mobile Media

Second Wind has entered into a strategic partnership with Squawqr Mobile Media, an innovative platform that is revolutionizing how agencies create and deliver mobile technology for their clients.

Through our conversations with agencies, it’s clear that adopting and adapting mobile technology has been an uphill battle for many of them. The learning curve is huge and agencies do not always have the skill set to complete mobile projects profitably. By the same token, clients do not often have the budget or timeframe to support large-scale mobile initiatives, like native apps.

Second Wind’s mission has always been to bring powerful resources and tools to smaller agencies to help them grow and succeed. When we first learned about Squawqr, we knew it was a perfect fit for our members’ needs. Squawqr not only puts the power of mobile in your clients' hands quickly and affordably, it provides a new revenue source for your agency.


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