Stefanie Linderman

Membership Coordinator | CRM Manager

Stefanie is the guardian of all things important at Second Wind. As our membership coordinator she spends her days welcoming new members and makes sure they get their membership started off on the right foot. She also helps maintain our member user list, contact information and profiles. Stef, as we like to call her, has been with Second Wind for 12 years….although not all at one time. She took a brief detour in the education industry but eventually found her way back to us. We were thrilled when she returned in 2016 because no one knows how to manage information like her.
In her free time, Stef can be found doting on her two sons, shopping with her mom or just hanging out and having a good time. One of the most generous people we know, Stef would give you the shirt off her back if she thought it would help.
If you need to update your membership information or give us any new details about your agency, just reach out to Stef and she’ll be at your service.

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