The Most Read Second Wind Articles of 2018

Most Read of 2018

In our end-of-year review, we checked to see which articles attracted the most readers last year. Here are the topics that received the most clicks in 2018.

Account Service

Are Your Account People Wearing Too Many Hats?

Managing ad agency account team workloads so account executives have time to attend to client service priorities, including client retention and account development.

Scope of Work and KPIs: Clear Objectives Translate to Value

Use scope of work to clarify not just what is included under the estimate, timing and objectives, but clear KPIs to measure project success; scope of value.

E-Danger: The Risks of Relying Solely on Email for Client Contact

The importance of not allowing email to become the only form of communication with clients.

Do AEs Know How to Measure Their Productivity?

Boosting account executives’ billable hours, including assessing productivity, setting improvement goals and tracking progress.

Integrating Clients’ Big Three: Sales, Marketing and CRM

Companies often silo sales, marketing and customer relationship management; ad agencies can help clients integrate marketing effort for improved performance across these three areas, and become strategic partners in the process.

Account Planning

B2B Sales Cycle Longer, More Touches Between Lead and Sale

The altered journey to a B2B buying decision now involves many more “touches” before, and within the sales cycle.


Jane Walker, Gender Marketing and What Women Really Want

When it is smart salesmanship to expand a brand’s customer base to women using gender-based marketing… and when it’s mere pandering; Jane Walker Black Label campaign.

A Logo Made for Mockery, or Effin’ Brilliant?

A new minimalist logo for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre stirs discussion about minimalism, branding and the perceived value of simplistic design.

“Record-breaking Drop in Trust,” Reports Edelman Trust Barometer

The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer recorded a record-breaking decline in trust in U.S. institutions, businesses, media and government; ad agencies can help brands seize the moment to reclaim public trust.

Business Planning/Management

What Is Your Accounting ROI? Ten Reasons Why an AMS Is Your Best ROI Tool

Financial consultant Vince Dong offers ten reasons why ad agencies should use an all-in-one agency management system to improve the ROI of accounting practices.

In Marketing, Every Job is Custom

Marketing is like buying a custom-tailored suit; why ad agencies should be positioned as consultancies, and never work through procurement departments seeking the lowest bidder.

Creative Process/Product

How Do You Grow a Creative Director?

The traits, skills and abilities any homegrown ad agency creative director needs.

A Creative Brief Is Your Guide, Not a Shackle

The creative brief should start a conversation, not be treated as if carved in stone; seven steps to building flexibility into a creative brief.


Value-based Pricing: How to Raise Your Price Ceiling for Marketing Expertise

Stop basing your ad agency prices on cost; raise your price ceiling by pricing based on value—what’s it worth to the client?

Why You Need an Agency Billing Standards and Practices Guide

Using an agency Billing Standards and Practices Guide can avert financial conflicts with clients by spelling out your practices for billing, estimating, setting rates, collections, etc.

Human Resources

Managing Workload in a Lean Ad Agency

Warning signs and bad outcomes of a too-heavy ad agency workload; being alert to signals that workload needs adjustment or alleviation.

Advertising Under-represents Women, Internally and in Messaging

Advertising’s portrayal of women has remained essentially static, under-representing, stereotyping and simply not including women; steps ad agencies can take to improve gender representation and portrayals in ads.

Legal/Intellectual Property

Brandless: Branding Bad… Trademarks Good?

CPG company Brandless wants to be seen as unbranded, but still wants the protections of brand trademark; how credulous are today’s skeptical consumers likely to be?

New Business

Before You Pitch, Adjust Your Positioning

How improving perceptions of ad agency expertise helps agencies win new business pitches; agency positioning and primary research help win pitches.

Clean Label Trend Brings Natural Ingredients Forward

A look at “clean labeling,” a package design trend emerging from new interest in healthier packaged food options; a package design trend presents an ad agency new business opportunity.


A Case in Point: 10 Ways to Use Case Studies for Agency Self-Promotion 

Ten ways ad agencies and marketing firms can use case studies of agency projects or campaigns for self-promotion, lead generation, email sign-up and inbound marketing.


Death of the Paper Trail (And Why System Must Replace It)

Modern workflow and agency management systems have replaced the printed paper trail with digital records; why digital recordkeeping is essential to a modern ad agency.


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