Second Wind is the largest trainer of advertising agency people in the world. In the past thirty years, we have trained over 20,000 agency professionals. Using this expertise, we have developed a new series of certified programs that are now being offered to agency professionals. These certified programs cover account service, agency operations, and agency financial management.

How are the programs structured?
Each program involves attendance at one of our certified seminar sessions followed by a certification exam.

What's in it for me?
First, if you complete the course and pass the exam, you will be awarded a certification from Second Wind in one of three areas:

  • Certified Agency Account Manager
  • Certified Agency Operations Manager
  • Certified Agency Financial Manager

Second, advancing to the point in your agency career where you are a designated professional is personally satisfying. Even more important, these seminars and certifications provide you with tools and knowledge that will empower you in your job each day.

Over time, having the Second Wind Certification will mean a lot to you personally—and also to your present or future employers when considering promotion, leadership ability and compensation.

Second Wind has always led the way in agency training. Second Wind Certification continues that leadership position.