Second Wind’s Right Fit Recruiting offers skills and personality testing to better match candidates to positions and help employers manage teams and make the best use of new hires. Intelligence tests indicate general knowledge, cognitive ability and overall mental sharpness. Personality tests analyze personality traits suitable to certain tasks and activities, and suggest compatibility with others.

Testing can ensure that individuals are suited for their roles. Identifying job-appropriate character traits helps predict a candidate’s willingness to learn, adapt, and fit in with company culture. These traits are also helpful in assessing a candidate’s likely success in a given position, as well as their potential to grow into higher-level positions.

Testing an individual’s cognitive aptitude establishes how quickly a candidate processes and acts upon information. Situational testing shows a view of how an individual handles day-to-day interactions to ensure no missteps are made in placing someone in a role.

Testing a current employee to ensure a successful office transition helps you save valuable time in training an employee for a new role.

Individual Testing

Testing of individuals includes a personality test to establish traits, a cognitive ability test to discover processing ability, and an example of how the individual responds to typical situations related to their role.

We’ll send you a complete dossier with test results and comments.

$150 per test

Team Testing

Team testing helps to uncover traits and aptitudes among your existing staff, understand team dynamics and identify gaps you should try to fill with your next hire. Testing also helps managers discover what motivates each team member allowing them to implement the proper incentives. The result is a better team, improved communication and more effective collaboration.

Team testing includes an individual personality test for each employee, a report overviewing the personality type and traits of each employee and a team temperament map showing you the distribution of your employees among the various types. You can use this report to assess the different strengths and challenges of each member of your team. You will be able to see the communication styles and management approaches that are most (and least) effective with your team. You will learn what motivates them and also what can interfere with their teamwork.

Proposal provided upon request.