Personality and Skills Testing

Second Wind’s Right Fit Recruiting offers skills and personality testing to better match candidates to positions, help employers manage teams and make the best use of new hires. Intelligence tests, such as the Wonderlic, indicate general knowledge, cognitive ability and overall mental sharpness. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter analyzes personality traits suitable to certain tasks and activities, and suggests compatibility with others.

In the hiring process, testing can eliminate ill-suited candidates and reveal unsuspected “jewels” among the lesser gems. Testing verifies that your carefully prescreened and interviewed candidates are well-suited to their new responsibilities, with strong potential to fulfill your expectations and become contributing members of your team.

Identifying job-appropriate character traits and aptitudes helps predict a candidate’s willingness to learn, adapt and fit in with company culture. These traits are also helpful in assessing a candidate’s likely success in a given position, as well as their potential to grow into higher-level positions.

Team testing helps to verify valuable skills and aptitudes among your existing staff, understand team dynamics, and identify gaps you should try to fill with your next hire. Confirm whether an employee is a good fit for their current position, and determine how to reposition current employees to make better use of their aptitudes and abilities. Tests can also help managers discover what motivates each person, and guide selection of incentives to get the most out of each employee. The result is better teams, improved communication and more effective, efficient collaboration.

Candidate Testing

Tests are facilitated online with results delivered within 24 hours of the time the candidate completes the process. We’ll send you a complete multi-page dossier with testing results and comments.

$125 per candidate

Employee/Team Testing

Employees are tested individually. Once complete, the team is mapped so you can see where each employee falls. We provide a complete report and analysis of each employee, highlighting communication style, personal motivations. areas of weakness and strength. Charts and maps allow you to see how your employees interact with one another and whether there is a potential for personality conflicts.

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