Recruiting Tactics

it's important to employ an ongoing recruiting program to attract the best and brightest to your ad agency

A well-planned, current and branded recruiting program greatly simplifies the process of attracting and hiring the best people to grow your agency… and perhaps become its future leaders.

We are involved on a regular basis in helping Second Wind agencies find people through our Right Fit Recruiting service. We also offer interviewing, testing and advice. In the course of helping our members find great talent, we see many agencies struggle because they have no ongoing recruiting strategy. Planning for recruiting helps you find people more quickly when you need them, because you will already have candidates in mind.

Finding sharp, high-quality talent is increasingly difficult in the advertising and design industry. Competition for top-of-their-class design and business school grads is fierce. That is why agencies and graphic design firms must build programs designed to attract and recruit new hires. This POWERpack includes recommended recruiting tactics, and shares data from a recent Second Wind Survey examining how smaller ad agencies are handling recruiting and their biggest recruiting challenges.

Proactive recruiting is the key to ongoing growth, and should be embedded in agency business planning. Good luck with your recruiting efforts, and watch for more on recruiting from Second Wind.