At Second Wind, we make it a priority to offer our member agencies personal time and guidance as part of their membership. Each week we address numerous questions from member agencies about operations, efficiency, trends, clients, personnel, growth, billing rates and more. We strive to answer these questions in a short conversation or email and Second Wind members receive unlimited communication with us as part of their membership.

Sometimes, however, your agency needs more than just a quick phone call or email exchange to address a specific situation. That's why we also offer private consulting and coaching. Consulting and coaching allows our team of agency professionals to dive into your agency’s particular issues. By spending one-on-one time with agency principals and team members, our consultants can take a whole-earth approach to offering the most relevant guidance and solutions.

Consulting & coaching generally fall within the following areas

Fees are typically based on a daily or hourly rate with travel expenses billed in addition. A full written report plus follow-up telephone time is included with all engagements.

Our consulting and coaching services have helped hundreds of agencies achieve and surpass their business goals. We can help you, too.

Meet our consultants

Meet Vince

Vince Dong

Operational Consulting
Meet Vince

Meet Laurie

Laurie Mikes

Coaching and General Guidance
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