A trademark screening provides a full-text search of the federal and state trademark databases to uncover marks that may potentially be in conflict with your proposed marks. We’ll deliver the results of the search along with a full analysis of our findings.

How can it help you? A trademark screening is the first step in determining whether your proposed tag lines, product names or company names are available for presentation to your clients and for potential use in commerce.

International searches are also available.

$250 per mark


A logo/design search of the federal database determines if the mark you have developed for your client may be in conflict with similar designs or logos. The search covers all industries and provides visual samples of registered marks in question for direct comparison with your design.

We’ll deliver the results of the search along with a full analysis of our findings. A logo/design search takes 3-5 days to complete.

$1,500 per logo/design


Once a mark is cleared for use, it is advisable to apply for trademark registration. Trademark registration provides a public record of the details associated with your mark, including first date of use, goods and services rendered, owner information, registration and serial numbers. Registration is highly recommended to gain maximum protection for your trademarks.

As part of this service, Second Wind will prepare and file the appropriate application and follow the trademark through registration.

$650 per application, plus applicable filing fees


A trademark audit provides an in-depth look at the federal and state trademarks your client currently owns and has registered.  Admittedly, it’s easy to lose track of the status for trademark assets and if important deadlines are missed for renewal or maintenance paperwork, those marks may be at risk of losing their active/registered status.

A trademark audit will provide a list of registered trademarks your client owns along with a complete description of the trademark, current status, any upcoming actions the client may need to take and important renewal dates.

We’ll deliver the trademark audit in an organized report that will be easy to analyze and keep updated.

$725 per project