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$694 per agency

Membership in Second Wind includes access to content, services and discounts for all agency owners and employees.


Thousands (yes, thousands!) of Best-Practice Articles at Your Fingertips

Never, ever reinvent the wheel when it comes to running your agency. If you need it, we have it… thousands of best practice articles and resources about account service, agency systems, traffic and workflow, pricing, salaries, new business and more. We have been helping agencies BE better since 1988. 

Second Wind members receive exclusive access to this information.

Contracts, Agreements & Job Descriptions

Second Wind members have access to hundreds of sample agency contracts, job descriptions, forms, agreements and human resources policies. Many of these documents can be used as they are, right from the library, or you can tailor them to your needs. Don't waste valuable time creating documents like this from scratch, use the library to build your collection quickly and efficiently.

Second Wind members have access to our complete library of documents.

Person-to-Person Assistance for You and Your People

In addition to our online resources, you can always pick up the phone and reach a live person at Second Wind Headquarters. Just give us a call at 610-374-9093!

We're standing by ready to help our members at anytime.

"Open Office Hours"

Members are welcome to schedule 30 minute calls with Laurie Mikes, our lead trainer and consultant. You can discuss any issues or questions you may have about your agency operations, staff, clients, the industry or anything else that comes to mind. Email Laurie to book a call today!

Laurie's 25 years of experience can be a big help to you and your staff.

JAM Sessions

JAM Sessions are virtual gatherings that bring together up to 25 agency professionals for a 60-minute chat. Hosted via Zoom, JAM Sessions are reserved exclusively for Second Wind members and facilitated by Laurie Mikes, our lead agency consultant and trainer. Each session will dive into a selection of topics and questions submitted by participants. Groups are segmented by agency role to ensure relevant discussion; we want your 60 minutes together to be valuable, actionable and enlightening.

JAM Sessions are only available to Second Wind members.

Digital Media Webinars

VICI Media, Second Wind's exclusive digital media partner, offers their complete line-up of digital media webinars to members. Typically reserved for VICI clients, these webinars are packed with valuable information and insights about the hottest digital media trends and tools you should be offering your clients. VICI knows that the learning never ends, especially when it comes to digital media!

Digital Media Webinars are free to Second Wind members.

The Annual Agency Survey

This important financial and management tool is a “one of a kind” survey based on results from more than 100 smaller to mid-sized agencies. The data gathered rotates each year with a complete version that includes a comparative financial statement; hourly rates; salaries by function and sections on technology, agency software, HR, benefits and new business trends. The shorter version, which is implemented every other year, includes salary and hourly rate data only.

This valuable planning tool is available to Second Wind members each year.

The Production Pricing Survey

Second Wind Members may participate in and receive the results of our bi-annual production pricing survey examining pricing trends on more than 40 types of typical agency projects. This is a great tool for understanding pricing trends nationwide and helping you estimate more accurately and efficiently.

This valuable planning tool is available to Second Wind members every other year.

Access to Forums

Second Wind Forums allow you you to communicate directly with other Second Wind members and receive their advice or guidance on any topic. This is a great way to tap into the power of our community which includes thousands of agency principals and employees. You can use Forums to gain knowledge that will help you succeed; share your experience and insight with others; initiate debate and topical discussions among participants and make some new friends in the industry.

Only Second Wind members may participate in Forums.

Research to “Get Smart” and Win Pitches

In addition to providing a library of "Get Smart Fast" research for members, Second Wind offers primary and secondary research services to help agencies understand clients, industries, competitive situations, consumer perceptions and more.

Second Wind members receive access to the "Get Smart Fast" Library and special discounts on custom research.

Discounts on Training & Publications

Second Wind is the leading trainer of agency personnel in the country, providing ongoing, best-practice education for upper-level managers and agency employees, including our Second Wind Certification programs. We have trained thousands over 30 years.

Second Wind members receive discounts on seminars, premium learning webinars, publications and other training materials.

Professional Liability Insurance Program

Second Wind members can elect to participate in our special E&O/Professional Liability Insurance program underwritten by Axis Insurance, formerly Media Professionals. The program is managed by Collector's Risk Insurance Agency in Chicago and provides special discounts and a simplified application process. The program has been active for more than 15 years and has provided many Second Wind members with the coverage they need to stay protected against lawsuits related to advertising and media activities.

Only Second Wind members may participate in this program.