Garrand & Company • Portland, ME

Garrand has relied on Second Wind for more than twenty years to be a partner in growth. Second Wind's agency counsel is unmatched. No other resource over our history has provided such informed, practical and sensible advice in times of crisis (and calm!)

Together with the considerable resources we depend on as members of the network, our investment in Second Wind is the best money we spend every year. They have helped us grow from two employees in 1987 to a $30 million dollar (capitalized) agency.

Boyd Tamney Cross • Philadelphia, PA

We have always regarded Second Wind as a very valuable resource. We were among the first dozen members. When we joined I was looking for an agency accounting system.

I know that in a pinch, I can call Second Wind and they will get back to me in a flash with three or four sound solutions to my challenge.

Klatzky & Associates • Duluth, MN

Joining Second Wind is one of the best things our agency has ever done. Great resources, online and in person. Helpful seminars, agency surveys, and their team has been there as we’ve needed them—and we have—through the years.

Conway Advertising • Knoxville, TN

The financial advice and seminars have been especially helpful. Second Wind pointed us in the right direction as far as new business procedures and hiring a new business specialist. We’ve also gotten a lot of excellent advice about passing the torch to the next generation. We’ve attended at least a half dozen seminars, and these are thorough and well-planned with good leave-behinds.

Doggett Advertising • Charlotte, NC

Second Wind provides excellent training. They are very valuable, big-picture tools and have been really good at giving us insight into branding. And, they offer complementary training that puts all of our employees on the same page.

Equally important, I’ve called Laurie a lot over the years. She has always been very accessible.

Ideaworks Marketing & Design • Plymouth, PA

Second Wind is one of the most valuable resources we have in our business. They were instrumental in helping us get our agency off and running when we first opened our doors.